A Quiver Full of Questions


As our culture has adopted a hatred of children and family, simultaneously, reality t.v. has picked up a few families who seek to fill their “quiver” full of “arrows”. If you are in homeschooling circles, or even watch these families on t.v., you probably have heard about or wondered: what exactly is the quiver full movement?


Betsy and Michelle discuss their findings and go over the main tenants of this ideology. What does it mean to be quiver full? What is Biblical and what isn’t? Is there a current Biblical mandate to have children, and lots of them?


We could have discussed this topic for hours and still only scratch the surface. So, if you have related questions/comments, please feel free to email us at womenofthetable@gmail.com or message us on our social media platforms @womenofthetable



Author: Women of the Table

Completing our joy by sharing the Gospel and speaking of Christ for everyone to hear. Reframing everything around the Gospel and Him, through His Word, because it is sufficient for us in every part of life.

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