A Quiver Full of Questions


As our culture has adopted a hatred of children and family, simultaneously, reality t.v. has picked up a few families who seek to fill their “quiver” full of “arrows”. If you are in homeschooling circles, or even watch these families on t.v., you probably have heard about or wondered: what exactly is the quiver full movement?


Betsy and Michelle discuss their findings and go over the main tenants of this ideology. What does it mean to be quiver full? What is Biblical and what isn’t? Is there a current Biblical mandate to have children, and lots of them?


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Doctrine of Hell Series: Episode 5 – Punishment, Destruction, and Banishment


THE FINAL part (5 of 5) of our Hell series is here! Betsy and Michelle discuss the three major components of eternal conscious torment: punishment, destruction, and banishment. How does the picture of these three components illustrate God’s character, sin, and the atonement? And finally, what can believers hope for after this life? We pray that this has been a helpful excursion (it has for us) into this essential doctrine.

If you haven’t listened to our previous episodes covering various positions on the existence of Hell, make sure you listen to those! Our intro episode is a great place to start and this episode wraps it all up, nicely.


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Doctrine of Hell series: Episode 2 – Universalism


What is universalism? Does everyone actually go to Heaven? Is God unloving for sending one of his own creation to a place of torment? Does adhering to universalism as a position on Hell, affect the other essential doctrines of the faith? What about the Gospel?

Join Michelle and a special guest – her husband, Paul – as they look at universalism, its  implications, and discuss the “faith deconstruction” of one of their favorite YouTubers.


If you enjoyed listening. Stay tuned for our next installment of our Hell series, where we take a look at annihilationism. Betsy and Michelle will be reunited after a brief break due to illness.

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